The idea of ColourPlus and the ColourPlus membership is a unique idea to IAC. The benefit of colour is that anything can be incorporated into it – and vice versa. You may find that you have been working with a skill you to which you have already added colour. You may have several skills that would benefit from the addition of colour; or, you may be only working in colour and realize that there is a benefit in adding another skill to your colour work.


Lilian Verner Bonds, our President has been connecting colour and her other skills for over 17 years in the media and TV. Our other ColourPlus consultants have themselves been combining their various skills with colour.



Privately Educated:

Licentiate Royal Academy of Music:

Associate Royal College of Music:

Teacher Reg. No. RP60/16970.

Professional Singer; Sadler’s Wells, & Focus Opera: Teaching Experience in Secondary Education, Teacher Training College, Technical College, Independent Schools:

Further and Adult Education:

Tutor; W.E.A. (18 Years); Private Music Teaching; Therapeutic Voice Work.


Author; Healing With Sound, Gaia Books 1993; Contributor to: Dying Well; The Well-Voiced Woman and Your Natural Baby

Church Organist, Choral Conducting & Operatic Direction.

Certification in Colour Therapy, Reflexology; Reiki "master".     

Work with the Wrekin Trust,.

C.F.P.S.S.; University of Central Lancashire etc.,

Certificate in Basic Counselling Skills; Blake Method. (having special reference to Cancer Patients); Work with The Gentle Approach to Cancer Organisation. (5 Years)



Pauline Wills lives in North West London and is the founder of ‘The Oracle School of Colour’. After leaving school, Pauline trained as a dental nurse and worked for many years in private practice.  During this time she took up the study of yoga with an Indian Master.  After qualifying to teach yoga, she worked as a yoga instructor at evening institutes. She then went on to train as a reflexologist with the Bayly School of Reflexology and as a colour practitioner with the Maitreya School of Mental Colour Healing  In 1990 she pioneered the integration of colour with reflexology.

     During the past ten years she has authored several books on colour, on reflexology and on the integration of these two therapies. Feeling the need for freedom to teach the knowledge accumulated and experience gained over the years, she founded in 1998 the Oracle School of Colour, a school which is affiliated to the Complementary Medical Association. Here she works as a reflexologist and colour practitioner, teaches the integration of colour with reflexology, and conducts a two-year Colour Practitioner Diploma course.   She also continues to teach her own specialised form of yoga which she calls the Yoga of Light.  She has travelled widely, in this country and abroad, conducting courses on Colour Therapy and on The Integration of Colour with Reflexology.


Email –

Tel. 02082047672

Mobile – 07593343473

Website –



From a very early age she was drawn to keeping the body whole. Martial arts were popular but she felt they were too aggressive. Then she discovered Tai Chi, an amalgamation of ancient theories and spirituality. She had at last found her calling – a way of conducting one’s life incorporating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. She had found the answer to her quest, not only for herself but her passion to enlighten others to this powerful movement called Tai Chi.

Marica Kis has been involved in energy work for the past 15 years.

Her long term commitment to practising Tai Chi Chuan, presently with Master Ding Academy, blends perfectly with her fascination for Colour Therapy.

She did her colour training initially with Suzy Chizziari and later, with Lilian Verner Bonds.

Marica has also trained with Dr Mark Atkinson as a Human Potential Coach to help deliver her skills with a very professional approach.

Marica is co-chairman of IAC




Design and Dreams - Interior Design

  • Won competition for Crown Paints working with Colin and Justin
  • Interior Designers - How not to Decorate Channel 5

Creating your Interior space for how you live your life... with storage, exciting fabrics and flooring using colours suited to you. Whole house or just your special room for example: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, created in a more holistic way. Expert Kitchen and bathroom designer tailored to your needs and coloured to enhance your experience. Interior Design is all about matching you with spaces in your colours to create your home in style and in harmony. That wonderful feeling you get when you step inside your new home, your new you!


Landscape Design:

            "I personally feel that your view into your garden and from garden to house, is for your enjoyment in reviving your             senses with colour and fragrance - your outside room"


Design and Dreams - Landscape Design:

  • RHS Chelsea Flower Show winner for clients ... and now for you!

Remodelling your outdoor room dressed for all seasons in harmonious, vibrant colours and scents - designed for how you wish to live, to enjoy every moment you look out, step into, your personal paradise every day of the year: Modern or country style, entertaining, areas for you, your children, and pets. Raised beds and borders all adding a new dimensions and height. Shelters or privacy structures. Personal space blending seamlessly with open countryside or making the most of your courtyard oasis. To refresh and relax, all suited to you.


Create your special outdoor space for you to enjoy all that nature gives back to you.
Home 02381 848539
Mobile  078 5545 3972




Sonia is the best-selling author of 12 Numerology books, translated into 14 languages and a teacher with The Connaissance School. She’s been a professional Numerologist for more than 25 years, giving personal and business consultations, professional training, and promoting numerology in the media worldwide. Sonia has given countless interviews. She wrote the first ‘Numeroscope’ Column in the UK for The Express Newspaper in 1999 and a Column in UK Marie Claire in 2000. Sonia also wrote a ‘Numeroscope’ in Prediction Magazine for 5 years.

’Numbers for Consciousness and World Peace’


Numerology and Colour have been used by past civilizations and all cultures.

Pythagoras, ‘Numbers Are The Essence Of All Life.’

What Is Numerology?


Colours and Numbers are intrinsically linked vibrations, symbolic of levels of consciousness, soul experience and psychological behaviour. Life evolves in cycles, and each cycle 1 to 9 provides positive trends, challenges and infinite creative potential.

Colour Numerology helps us to develop intuition, recognize truth, and puts us in the bigger picture so we can make important decisions and take responsibility for our lives. It enhances personal development, soul growth and gives an accurate weather forecast.





I have been a Holistic Therapist for over 20 years. I see patients in my private practice in North London. I use 'Vibrational Healing' modalities to support and teach people how to stay balanced and well in a stressful environment. They are principally Reiki, Counselling, Essences, Aura and chakra balancing.

I work with patients on different aspects of 'Self in order to connect heart, body, soul and mind together. This incorporates the importance of colour in one's life and one's own colour vibration.

My initial training began with a Healer- Lesley Grantham in 1992. Since then I have become a Reiki Master Teacher having trained in the Usui tradition in 1996. I have been teaching Reiki and training Reiki initiates at level 1, 2 and 3 including Master Level. I run a regular monthly Reiki Exchange Group for initiates to further develop their abilities.

Reiki is a 'Hands on Balancing Healing System re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan.

I am a member of the Reiki Federation and have been for 20 years.

I also have a diploma as a Person Centred Counsellor. I trainedwith the London Open College Federation in 1996.

I am a trained facilitator in the' Melchezedek' system of healing. This is a healing technique using guided meditations to re-balance a person's core energy.

I use Aura and Chakra Balancing using a pendulum and crystals to balance a patient's Aura and chakras before giving them Reiki.

I am a member of the British Vibrational and Essence Association.

I use 'Joie De Vivre' Essences in my practice. These are made by me for my patients from Gems, Flowers and Trees.

I work closely with patients bridging worlds in order to help connect a person back to their own Spirit Guides and their 'Soul Purpose'. I work with past lives and soul retrieval to clear traumas that may have occurred in a previous life.



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