The Dr Ron Bonewitz Crystal Course

Dr Ron Bonewitz brought crystal healing to the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, and New Zealand in the late 1970s, and wrote the first crystal healing book (Cosmic Crystals) also at that time.  With his scientific as well as spiritual background, his approach to the very real benefits of crystal use has been real and grounded. This course is the summary of his 50 years of experience with crystals.


Details of this course will be posted on the website nearer to the time of its availability

The Coloured Crystal Course

Lilian Verner Bonds, PMIACT and Dr Ron Bonewitz

     The combination of colour and crystals is the latest evolution of both colour and crystal therapy. This course draws both together in a form developed from teaching innumerable world-wide courses and seminars, and from personal experience in working with the public in private readings.

     When a person is drawn to a coloured crystal, the colour is an essential part of that attraction, and thus is a primary aspect of the use of that particular crystal for the person.

     This course looks at both colour and crystals from their origins, and their connections to the human organism. Colour and crystal therapies are both discussed, and the two are drawn together to present to the student a unified view of how the two can be used in concert. When working with a coloured crystal, the user can harness the colour dimension to get the full benefit of the experience of the crystal.

     Also presented is a comprehensive look at the coloured crystals the student is most likely to encounter, introduced in a unique way to prevent the course from becoming just another 'list'. Lilian Verner -Bonds has her own colour and crystal stories to tell, which add interest and personality to each module. She is an experienced counselor and medium, and personal growth is at the forefront of her teaching. Adding that dimension to this course gives the reader and added 'extra' which enables the student to enhance their health and well-being.

     Dr Ron Bonewitz is a recognized world expert on crystals and minerals, having written several definitive books for the American Smithsonian Institution. He also wrote the first crystal healing book in the early 1980s and brought crystal healing to the UK and Europe at the same time. Lilian and Ron have taught innumerable joint courses on crystals and crystal healing, and personal growth.



  • New ideas on how to get the best results out of your crystals by integrating the colour dimension.
  • The mind's eye - what is this thing called colour? The rhythms of light and the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • This course draws together colour and crystals in an original form developed internationally from thousands of private sessions and seminars.
  • Colour and crystals are looked at from their origins, and their interplay with the human organism. The two are drawn together to present a unified view of how the two are used in concert for work, rest and healing.
  • Contains a unique section for utilising the colour content for exploring the future with tried and tested intuitive methods.
  • Processes and healing suggestions are given which incorporate colour and crystals to resolve specific personal issues and life areas.
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